The Gratitude Initiative
Noun: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation and return kindness.
What is the 女人吧视频 Gratitude

The Gratitude Initiative at 女人吧视频 brings together the gratitude of patients, who through their engagement and generosity, are advancing naturopathic medical education, clinical services and research. Help 女人吧视频 advance naturopathic, patient-focused care through research, education and collaboration.

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Other ways to show your gratitude:
  • Education
    Grateful to Support Future Naturopathic Doctors
    Christina Bjorndal's experiences with mental health led her to explore natural treatments which helped her recover. This opened the door to a career in naturopathic medicine. As a way to give back, she and her husband, Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND, provide the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Award, an annual scholarship to a student at the College who demonstrates a keen interest in pursuing mental health in the future.
    Grateful Patient
    鈥淲e created the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Award to give a student, with an interest in mental health, a helping hand with their education. Our philosophy is that every act of kindness has a ripple effect and we wanted to foster a culture of giving amongst the naturopathic community to show our appreciation for the care that we have received from our naturopathic providers.鈥
    - Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND
    Christina Bjorndal and Kriya Siewrattan
  • Collaboration
    Grateful for Collaborative Approach to Health
    Having been a patient of 女人吧视频's teaching clinics since 2012, Cynthia acknowledges the impact that a collaborative approach to her health has had, and that looking at the whole picture was key for her recovery. She has found different ways to give back to and support the profession such as serving on the Patient Advisory Committee and speaking annually to incoming naturopathic students. Her message to them is that their career choice does make a difference in patients' lives.
    Thanks to care from her naturopathic doctor, grateful patient Cynthia Harding is happy to support 女人吧视频鈥檚 Peel Naturopathic Clinic now located at Urgent Care Centres in Brampton.
    Grateful Patient
    鈥淢y family doctor's wonderful medical care was not enough, and I was very thankful when she referred me to a naturopathic doctor. The naturopathic doctors and interns at the 女人吧视频 teaching clinic were able to help me and as a result my health is much improved. Thank you to naturopathic medicine!鈥
    - Cynthia Harding, Retired Accountant
    Cynthia Harding and Stefanie Trowell
  • Research
    Grateful for Naturopathic Care that Extended His Life
    In 2010, John Patterson received a devastating diagnosis of melanoma cancer and he was given six months to a year to live. The search for other care options led him to a 女人吧视频 graduate and an integrative cancer program which allowed his tumour to stay inactive for six years 鈥 long enough to become eligible for a trial immunotherapy treatment at Sunnybrook Hospital. The treatment was successful and he has been cancer free and thriving ever since.
    Grateful Patient
    鈥淚 appreciated the contributions of both my oncologist and ND, and credit their collaboration to saving my life. I want to ensure that others have access to integrative cancer care.鈥
    - John Patterson, Retired Businessman and International Service Worker
    John and Thea Patterson
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