Dispute Resolution

1. Policy
1.01 In an effort to resolve disputes equitably and expeditiously, the College has adopted a dispute resolution policy to enshrine the principles of natural justice into all College policies that involve disputes between College stakeholders.
2. Scope
2.01 This policy applies to all students, staff, faculty and administration, board members and patients of 女人吧视频.
3. Definitions
3.01 None.
4. Responsibilities
4.01 女人吧视频 students, staff and faculty are required to abide by the College policies applicable to them.
5. Procedures
5.01 If possible and where appropriate, disputes between students, staff, faculty and administration should be resolved in an informal manner between the relevant parties
5.02 In the event that informal resolution is not achieved or is not appropriate, College polices are to be governed by the principles of natural justice.
5.03 All disputes are to be resolved fairly and as expeditiously as possible. The onus is on the College to ensure that all disputes are dealt with expeditiously.
5.04 Individuals involved in a dispute are entitled to know and understand the particulars of any charges or complaints made against them. In any matter involving a possible sanction, the individual should be provided this information in writing.
5.05 Individuals have a right to be heard in response to any charges or complaints made against them before any disciplinary action is taken against them.
5.06 There should be reasonable timelines for dealing with complaints and grievances. This may vary depending on the complexity of the matter but the onus is on the College to demonstrate that it has acted as expeditiously as is reasonably possible.